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Sensys Gatso T-Series mobile camera review

September 29 2020

On 5 March 2020, an officer from the Community and Public Sector Union raised concerns about the accuracy and operation of the new Sensys Gatso T-Series mobile road safety cameras during an interview with Mr Neil Mitchell of 3AW.  The Minister for Police and Emergency Services wrote to the Road Safety Camera Commissioner on 10 March 2020, requesting a review of the operation of the T-Series Mobile Cameras.

The Review found that the Sensys Gatso T-Series mobile cameras are accurate and operations compliant with legislative requirements.

As part of the Review, action was taken to audit approximately 200,000 detections made by the mobile T-Series and one was found to be affected by what is known as the Double Doppler Effect. This occurs when a vehicle is incorrectly assessed as travelling at higher than its actual speed. An infringement resulting from that detection was withdrawn. Improvements in back office procedures have been made to ensure Double Doppler affected detections are identified.

Many of the issues examined in this review may have been resolved earlier with a more proactive change management approach from the Department of Justice and Community Safety. However, as this review progressed, it became clear the Department and Serco have engaged with operators and the CPSU in a collaborative manner to resolve the identified concerns. The collaborative approach from all parties is to be commended.

Read the full report below:

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