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Mr Neville Taylor APM is Victoria’s fourth Road Safety Camera Commissioner.  He was appointed by the Victorian Government for a three-year term on 6 June 2022.

Neville has an extensive policing background, having worked in various senior command roles during his 42 years with Victoria Police.  He has extensive road safety experience having headed the Road Policing Command as the Acting Assistant Commissioner.  At Victoria Police, he worked with researchers, policy makers, and senior police from many countries to combat road trauma through the United Nations Global Plan for the Decade for Road Safety 2011–2020 and the Global Road Safety project, which focused on enforcement tools to reduce road trauma from speeding, drink-driving, and seatbelt wearing.  At a local level as the head of road policing operations, Neville’s leadership drove cultural change in recognising enforcement as one of the main pillars in the Safe System Approach to road safety.  Supported by extensive research, Neville led the cultural change and discussions of community attitudes around the enforcement of low-level speeding and its impact on road trauma.  He also led cultural changes within Victoria Police by placing new enforcement technology at the forefront, including overseeing the design, implementation, and rollout of Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology, roadside drug testing, as well as red-light and fixed and mobile road safety cameras.

As the Road Safety Camera Commissioner, Neville will continue the work of his predecessors in improving and facilitating open and transparent collaboration between the road safety partners.  He believes that all new technology, particularly road safety cameras, must be introduced and operating with integrity and transparency in order to inspire community confidence.  As an important enforcement tool, road safety cameras provide demonstrable road safety benefits that are based on research and data.  They can detect and deter high-risk behaviours anywhere, and anytime, by changing driver behaviour and ensuring better compliance through reinforcing safer driving habits.

Neville will continue to ensure that road safety cameras play an important role in reducing road trauma and that the Victorian community can have confidence in the integrity of the road safety camera system.

The Reference Group

The Road Safety Camera Commissioner is empowered under the Road Safety Camera Commissioner Act 2011 (the Act) to establish a group of advisors known as the Reference Group.  The Reference Group consists of the Commissioner plus between three and seven other members, appointed by the Minister for Police on the recommendation of the Commissioner.

The members of the Reference Group will provide information and advice to the Commissioner from their unique backgrounds and areas of expertise to assist the Commissioner in the performance of his functions under the Act.  The Reference Group is made up of experts in the fields of road safety research, road safety engineering, and road safety technology.  The Commissioner is the Chairman of the Reference Group and will provide the terms of reference.

The function of the Reference Group is to provide advice and information to the Commissioner in order to assist him in performing his functions under the Act.  This may include advice about various aspects of the road safety camera system and advice and recommendations in relation to any matter requested by the Commissioner. 

Members of the Reference Group may not act as expert witnesses or comment publicly on any matters currently under consideration by the Reference Group.

The members of the Reference Group are:

Active Reference Group Members

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