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Rosanna Road Fixed Cameras Review

September 29 2020

The Minister for Police and Emergency Services wrote to the Road Safety Camera Commissioner on 17 June 2020 requesting a review into the development, approval and testing of new fixed Sensys Gatso T-Series cameras installed along Rosanna Road, at its intersections with Banyule Road in Rosanna and Darebin Street in Heidelberg. The Minister sought the Commissioner’s independent assessment of the cameras’ suitability for enforcement.  Extensive delays in the roll out of the project were caused by issues arising during the cameras’ commissioning process.

Independent testing organisations SGS Australia and Enex Testlab were interviewed as part of this review. Both confirmed that the systems are now accurate, all identified issues resolved, comply with legislative requirements, and are suitable for enforcement.

The “design and build” approach used in this project is an accepted procurement approach in the Victorian public service.  Design and build was utilised in this project to facilitate the introduction of new road safety camera technology. However, some of the inherent risks associated with designing at the time of building crystallised in this project leading to delays.

The Department of Justice and Community Safety has proposed an alternative approach to build a design and development capability to develop a catalogue of approved systems that can be used at new sites or to upgraded existing sites. This proposal has merit and should be developed further.


UPDATE (27 July 2021) – The status of some of the cameras referred to within this report has changed since publication: -

  • The northbound camera at the intersection of Rosanna Road and Banyule Road in Rosanna was reactivated on 9 September 2020 after completion of repairs to damage caused by a vehicle collision.
  • Both cameras at the intersection of Rosanna Road and Darebin Street in Heidelberg began operating on 5 October 2020. These cameras are located where the speed limit varies between 40km/h from 7am to 7pm every day, and 60km/h at other times.

Read the full report below:

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