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Report into Identifying Uninhibited Drivers

September 24 2019

A surprising number of infringements are issued to corporate-owned vehicles where no driver is subsequently nominated.

The Office of the Road Safety Camera Commissioner found that in a two year period there were 53,845 occasions where a company has failed to nominate the driver. When nominated, the driver pays a smaller fine but receives demerit points. If not nominated, a much bigger fine is paid but because no driver is identified no demerits points can be attached to anybody’s licence.

4,280 of these infringements were infringements that would have resulted in an immediate loss of licence. Further, the office found that there were 274 registrations with five or more loss of licence events.

The question has to be asked: why pay $3,000 when you can pay $300?

It appears that some corporate entities are treating the corporate fine as a cost of doing business. Drivers can continue to offend without being made accountable for their actions. This is unfair and unsafe for the large majority of responsible drivers and road users.

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