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New road safety cameras launched in Victoria

April 19 2023

A watchful eye over the rollout of new Distracted Driving and Seatbelt road safety cameras will be kept by the Road Safety Camera Commissioner as they fall under his oversight. New artificial intelligence (AI) technology software will be utilised to determine whether drivers have committed an offence under updated road rules. As this is new camera technology that is being introduced in Victoria, the Commissioner is carefully monitoring the implementation and use of these cameras to ensure:

  • the new camera technology is operating with a high standard of accuracy
  • the human verification of incidents captured is made by highly trained, qualified, and independent individuals
  • chosen site locations are based on available data about high-risk driving behaviour
  • the privacy of individuals is protected
  • there are appropriate processes and avenues in place to seek a review of infringement notices issued.

These cameras commenced operating on 31 March 2023 with a three-month grace period, during which advisory letters are being sent to those caught offending. This grace period is only for a few months to allow Victorians to familiarise themselves with the updated road rules. The new cameras are due to begin enforcement on 1 July 2023, from which time fines and demerit points will apply.

The Commissioner is meeting regularly and receiving frequent updates from the Department of Justice and Community Safety, Victoria Police, and the camera vendor and tester. Through intensive oversight over the next few months, the community should be confident that these new cameras will be operating accurately, reliably, and effectively from the first day of enforcement. The Commissioner will continue to oversight the enforcement by these cameras, which will be included in the Commissioner’s ongoing review of the overall road safety camera system.

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