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Inquiry into rejections at LUMS sites

June 29 2021

The Lane Use Management System comprises overhead electronic signs installed lane-by-lane at regular intervals on some motorways.  The system manages risk by reducing speed limits and closing lanes. 

There are some fixed road safety cameras that enforce variable speed limits on these roads. 

Monthly reports to this office identified that Victoria Police was rejecting many detections for enforcement because they did not meet enforcement policy.  Data demonstrated that rejections had increased by 228% from 36,545 in 2018 to 119.904 in 2020.  Failing to enforce reduced speed limits in hazardous situations poses an increased risk to community. 

Data analysis demonstrated that the policy only accounted for 10% of the 380 rejected reduced speed limit sessions identified in 2020.  The remainder were rejected for reasons such as inappropriate signage and roadworks occurring at or near road safety cameras. 

Key staff from the Department of Transport and Planning, Department of Justice and Community Safety and Victoria Police were interviewed during this Inquiry.  These agencies have begun the substantial work to address the issues identified in this Inquiry, such as improving information quality, collaboration, IT systems and the governance of traffic management contractors.  There is also a need to continue to work with the community to appreciate the importance of complying with reduced speed limits. 

Read the full report below:

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