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Independent EastLink report finds cameras accurately measure speed

July 14 2013

No Victorian motorist has been unfairly penalised by road safety cameras on EastLink, which accurately and reliably measure vehicle speed, an independent review by Road Safety Camera Commissioner Gordon Lewis AM has found.

Releasing the findings of a 12-month investigation into EastLink road safety cameras, Commissioner Lewis said he was confident that the cameras worked well and accurately recorded vehicle speed.

The investigation was triggered by more than 50 complaints about the cameras to the Commissioner since his appointment in February 2012.

“This investigation compared more than 60 million speed measurements as part of the data recorded by the EastLink camera system in 2011-12,” Commissioner Lewis said.

“It was designed to determine the technical accuracy and reliability of the road safety cameras and the secondary speed verification systems in operation and any associated testing, maintenance and certification activities on Eastlink.

“It also considered whether any claims of inaccuracy could be linked to motorists confusing tolling gantries for road safety cameras.

“I believe that there may be some misunderstandings about the system amongst motorists.

“Vehicle speed is not solely measured by a road safety camera but also by a secondary detection device – an effective safeguard that is designed to deal with any anomalies that could otherwise impact the accuracy of speed detection.

“On EastLink there are two completely separate mechanisms for detecting a vehicle’s speed – the six banks of cameras are the primary speed detection devices but each camera also has an independent secondary speed verification device.

“Each vehicle has its speed measured twice and if the measurements do not correlate they are automatically rejected by the road safety camera system.

“I am confident that the secondary device within the camera system is an effective safeguard against anomalies that could affect the accuracy and reliability of speed detections.

‘If anything, the system gives the motorist the benefit of any doubt,” Commissioner Lewis said.

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