WannaCry Investigation Report

May 24, 2018
On 22 June 2017 the Minister for Police, The Honourable Lisa Neville MP, asked me on to investigate the impact, cause, and damage on the fixed road safety cameras operating in Victoria by a malicious software infection. The Minister also requested information on potential improvements and additional security measures for the protection of the network in the future. In addition, Minister Neville asked for my advice on the overall management and oversight of the road safety camera program.
I issued an interim report to the Minister on 7 July 2017.  That report stated that the WannaCry infection:
  • Had not affected the integrity of speed and red-light camera infringements,
  • Had not compromised any data, or hardware and
  • Had not affected the devices which measure and record speed, external to the infected computers.
This second stage of the investigation involved issues including analysis of the cause of the infection, the structure and security of the network, and the operation and management of the road safety camera network.
The Minister for Police wants to ensure, as do I, that the Road Safety Camera System operates with accuracy, reliability and integrity.  I assure the Victorian public that my investigation has found this to be the case.
My report and advice has been submitted to the Minister for Police.
You can find a copy of the report here.