Survey of Victorians

January 30, 2017

The Road Safety Camera Commissioner’s office is conducting a survey of Victorians’ views and perceptions, about attitudes towards road safety issues, about road safety cameras, and the Office of the Road Safety Camera Commissioner itself.

The office aims to find out if the level of public confidence in the road safety camera system reasonably reflects the precision of the road safety camera systems.

Road safety cameras are used throughout the world as an efficient method of detecting speed and red light infringements. Research shows they improve road safety, and have done so on Victoria’s roads. They are a component of the Victorian road safety plan to improve road safety.

This office constantly checks the accuracy efficiency and integrity of the road safety camera system. However, the accuracy of the devices is the one thing, public confidence is another. The Commissioner needs to ensure there is public confidence in the transparency of the system. This should lead to drivers feeling assured of the integrity of road safety cameras operating in Victoria.

The Commissioner wants to understand the attitudes of motorist towards road safety cameras, road safety in general, and towards the work of this office to better serve the community. Results from this survey will be shared with Victorians upon its completion.