Peninsula Link Investigation Update

January 10, 2017

The Minister for Police, The Honourable Lisa Neville MP has requested that I undertake an investigation into the integrity accuracy and efficiency of the road safety camera system along Peninsula Link.

The Peninsula Link freeway runs approximately south-eastern of Melbourne, into the Mornington Peninsula. There are six sets of road safety cameras, three in each direction. These cameras can measure and record the speed of a vehicle the moment it passes the camera. In addition the system has the capacity to identify each motor vehicle and to match up the entry to the exit from a zone. Given that the zone has been carefully surveyed and is of fixed distance, the average speed of a vehicle which travels the length of a zone can be readily calculated based on the time elapsed.

There have been community concerns about alleged speed infringements detected by those six road safety cameras. Several dozen people have said that they were alleged to have travelling at 108km/h, but deny that speed.

I will conduct a thorough technical investigation into all of the road safety camera systems operating along Peninsula Link between Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

I invite any motorists with concerns about the road safety cameras operating along Peninsula Link, with or without infringements, to contact my office. I would like to investigate all aspects of the complaints, from the general accuracy and reliability of the road safety cameras, to cruise control systems and people’s concerns about infringement notices they have received.

I repeat my request for evidence and information from motorists, such as dash camera footage or GPS logs of their drives along that length of road. Any additional information will be helpful to the investigation. I invite any drivers of trucks, with speed limiters, who have been alleged to travel faster than the limited speed, to come forward.

If you have any concerns or information about the road safety cameras operating along Peninsula Link, please visit our Contact Us page to tell me about your concerns.