Peninsula Link investigation update

February 17, 2017

Motorists still have time to submit evidence into my review of the Peninsula Link road safety camera system.

Since 26 October 2016 I have invited motorists with concerns about the road safety cameras operating along Peninsula Link to contact my office with their information.

To date I have not received any complete and unedited pieces of evidence. My office has received only one person’s input of edited data regarding a single instantaneous infringement.

While my investigation will soon conclude, motorists still have time to submit to my office any objective evidence and information, including:

  • Dash camera footage
  • GPS data of their trip
  • “FineMate” app tracking
  • Alleged infringements by drivers of trucks with speed limiters.

This evidence and information would be helpful to the investigation. These submissions will be accepted up until close of business on Monday 20 February 2016.

Submissions can be made to or via our Contact Us page on this website.