Peninsula Link at Loders Rd

December 4, 2018

My report of my investigation into the Road Safety Cameras on Peninsula Link was published on 5 May 2017. It came about because of public disquiet in relation to a number of fines on that freeway. I investigated the integrity, accuracy and efficiency of the road safety camera system along Peninsula Link.

My original investigation into the operation of the road safety camera systems on Peninsula Link can be found here.

In researching that report, we noted that the camera for northbound traffic at Loders Rd Bridge had a larger ratio of instantaneous infringements per vehicle than at the other sites. However, that camera system at Loders Rd Bridge was vandalised before we could more carefully analyse the reasons for the number of detections.

I have revisited the accuracy and integrity of speed assessments made by the road safety camera at Loders Rd Bridge. You can find the report here (PDF, 0.8 MB).