Investigation into the impact of virus infection on Road Safety Cameras

June 22, 2017

The Minister for Police, The Honourable Lisa Neville MP, has asked me to investigate the impact on fixed road safety cameras operating in Victoria that appear to have been impacted by malicious software. The Minister wants to ensure the accuracy, reliability and integrity of the road safety camera system.

I anticipate that my investigation will consider issues including:

  • What infection occurred, and how did it occur?
  • What are the consequences of that infection, and what should be done?

I will be urgently investigating the matter and a report will be submitted to the Minster and subsequently published on this website as soon as the investigation has been completed.

More information relating to the infection can be found at the Cameras Save Lives website at this link:

If you have received an infringement notice and you have concerns in relation to that infringement, you should contact Civic Compliance Victoria on (03) 9200 8111 (in metropolitan areas), or 1300 369 819 (in rural areas) for information.