Information – Hume Freeway (Amaroo Road, Craigieburn) – Fixed Digital Road Safety Cameras – 15 December 2017

December 15, 2017

On 28 November 2017 a caller to the Neil Mitchell program on 3AW stated that she had received a speeding infringement on Hume Freeway. She asserted a Facebook group had been formed and that there were 255 members, all of whom had received speeding fines detected along the Hume Freeway at Amaroo Road, Craigieburn. She said they all had been detected at the same speed, 108km/h. She said all of them had already written to the office of the Road Safety Camera Commissioner in relation to the speeding fines they had received, because they were of the view that they had been wrongly alleged to have been travelling at 108km/h.

In fact as at 12 December 2017 only 12 alleged infringing drivers had made contact with the office of the Road Safety Camera Commissioner. There was no reply to our requests for independent evidence, such access to driving record data, or dash-cam footage, or GPS data logs. My office has prepared Information about the Amaroo Road infringements, here.